Guidance of Yo-clinic

Welcome to our homepage.
Many tourists visit Nara City, every year. Additionally, the city attracts a range of business professionals, from overseas. But illness can strike anyone, at any time - and that can pose a serious problem, and be stressful, when we are a long way from home.

Yo-Clinic, based in Nara City, provides excellent medical support. Our trained staff are fully qualified, and ready to assist. We are able to administer the appropriate medication; we are also fully-qualified paediatricians.

Price list

If you don't have Japanese national health insurance.

T.Sick visit          
     ¥3,500 + the check charge,medicine fee

   Follow up visit of same disese. 
     ¥2,500 + the check
charge,medicine fee

Our medical check fees are, in-line with the other services we provide, competitively priced. Please note that, in the case of an ECG, XP, or a blood test, or any injection that is necessary, your payment will naturally be higher.

Please note that we are currently in the process of learing English. This is our long term ambition - to speak better English - in order to help you. If you can use some Japanese words, that would be benefical to the Yo-Clinic team.